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Finding Purpose During COVID-19

Well, college is done. It’s time to apply for jobs in the real world now! Excluding the virus this is a new beginning for me and the other 2020 graduates. Our time in college may have been cut short, but new doors and challenges are starting to open.

This whole situation has me thinking when will everything return to normal, or will it ever be normal again. I’m not sure, no one is sure, not even our health officials. It could become common for people to work from home after the vaccine is finished. Restaurants may transition to exclusively drive thru. Thankfully I’m in a field where working remotely is an easy thing to do however, not having a destination or place to be really makes you feel lost. People need a purpose, without it, we have nothing. Be it a family, job, or recreational activity we need something to keep us motivated and pushing forward. We need to push forward now more than ever, we need to adapt and serve our society the best we can. Jobs will return, we will reopen and new horizons will rise in front of us.

Thank you for reading my very first post! This was just a test to see how the whole blogging system works. I will be using this to articulate my thoughts and to talk about my processes for my projects and journey in general. I want my employers, followers, friends, and family to understand me and my thoughts. Blogging will help me better understand myself and reflect on current events and past projects.

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