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Recreation Motivation is a video campaign interviewing the physical recreational businesses in New Paltz NY about the benefits and incentives of their business. These videos will allow students on campus to understand what activities are available in the area and what they entail, while also giving these small businesses a free advertisement, connecting the college to the town. This campaign aims to encourage the support of these small businesses, especially during these tough times.

In this video I interviewed Mara Lileas owner of Rock Yoga. She was very energetic and clearly read through and thought about her answers. Her answers were short, concise, and filled with enthusiasm. I highly encourage everyone to visit NP Rock Yoga, it is fun, energetic, and the people are friendly!


In this video I interviewed Chris Scott owner of BC's Climbing Gym. He was very cooperative and set the foundation for how I would approach my next interviews. He really cares about the climbing community and wants to help people grow and learn. I myself am an avid climber and BC's is what started my love for rock climbing!


In this video I interviewed Chad Tyrrell owner of Ignite Fitness. He loves to work out and is happy to provide people with a fun and comfortable environment to push yourself to the limit! Ignite Fitness reaches out to all different types of people. From college students to residents, to college professors. I highly encourage those who love to or want to start working out to visit!


The book to the left is a 36-page process book describing my journey in making my thesis project. It was a great learning experience to look back at everything I have done. There are things that I would change and things that I love but that comes with any big project!


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